HEDA workshop


Monday 20 June 2022

Project meeting (by invitation only)

Tuesday 21 June 2022

09:00 - 10:45     Session 1: Opening, Keynote and Short Presentations

  • Keynote: Health Sense
  • Markus Bertl, Gunnar Piho and Peeter Ross. Exploratory Analysis of Health Insurance Billing Data from People with Psychiatric Diseases in Estonia: An Opportunity for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence?
  • Jaroslaw Pasiak, Wojciech Pasiak, Harald Soleim, Remy Andre Monsen, Atle Birger Geitung, Guri-Elise Holgersen and Thomas Fiskeseth Larsen. VR supported self-help treatment for adolescents with psychosis
  • Marten Kask. Distributed Health Data: Challenges and Opportunities for Maintaining Data Integrity

10:45 – 11:00     Coffee Break (Room: M130/131)

11.00 - 12.30     Session 2: Health data Modelling and Standards

  • Rainer Randmaa, Igor Bossenko, Toomas Klementi, Gunnar Piho and Peeter Ross. Evaluating business meta-models for semantic interoperability with FHIR resources
  • Igor Bossenko, Gunnar Piho and Peeter Ross. Forward and backward compatibility design techniques applying the HL7 FHIR standard
  • Kristian Kankainen, Toomas Klementi, Peeter Ross and Gunnar Piho. Using the Snomed CT as a semantic model for Controlled Natural Language capture of clinical data
  • Toomas Klementi, Kristian Kankainen, Gunnar Piho and Peeter Ross. Prospective research topics toward preserving persons’ electronic health records in decentralised content-addressable storage networks
  • Tanel Sõerd, Kristian Kankainen, Gunnar Piho, Peeter Ross and Toomas Klementi. Specification of medical processes in accordance with international standards and agreements

12:30 – 14:00     Lunch (Room: M130/131)

14.00-15.30     Session 3: Health Data Analysis and Applications

  • Philipp Bende, Olga Vovk, David Caraveo, Ludwig Pechmann and Martin Leucker. A Case Study on Data Protection for a Cloud- and AI-based Homecare Medical Device
  • Severin A. Eliassen, Harald Soleim, Atle B. Geitung and Lars Peder V. Bovim. VR-based rehabilitation of cognitive functions among stroke-survivors
  • Patrick Stünkel, Sabine Leh and Friedemann Leh. Process Data Science for Workflow Optimization in Digital Pathology: A status report
  • Fazle Rabbi, Bahareh Fatemi and Wendy MacCaull. Analysis of patient pathways with contextual process mining
  • Peter Pfeiffer, Heike Sander, Peter Fettke and Wolfgang Reisig. A Standard Process for Supporting the Safety and Conformity of Medical Devices

15:30 – 15:45     Coffee Break (Room: M130/131)

15.45-17.00     Session 4: Panel session

  • On Secondary use of health data in Estonia, Germany and Norway